“This is the definitive, expanded collector’s edition of the classic Wigwam album. Disc 2 has the previously completely unreleased radio live session from Sweden, 1974. With extensive liner notes.”

1. Nuclear Nightclub
2. Freddie Are You Ready
3. Bless Your Lucky Stars
4. Kite
5. Do Or Die
6. Simple Human Kindness
7. Save My Money & Name
8. Pigstorm
Live at SR’s Studio 4, Stockholm, November 25th, 1974
1. Bless Your Lucky Stars – Instrumental
2. Just My Situation
3. Save My Body And Name
4. Simple Human Kindness
5. Pig Storm
6. Freddie Are You Ready
7. No New Games To Play

1975 / Svart Records 2018

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WIGWAM: Nuclear Nightclub (2CD)

WIGWAM: Nuclear Nightclub (2CD)

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